Uncompromised Comfort. From interior space to seats, JinBei takes a customer-oriented approach in every detail to present the most comfortable riding experience.

Reliable and practical. Jinbei vehicles are the preferred choice in many market segments, especially for commercial purposes. The outstanding quality, reliability, practicability, and versatility.

Classical Design. Jinbei has been dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of commercial vehicles for over 25 years. Thanks to our strong R&D and service teams, as well as our professional quality, focused research and development, and dedicated services.

Magnificent appearance. The overall style is composed, unique and innovative; the car appearance presents a noble and luxurious business breath; the contour line of the car is clear and full, with harmonious proportion of length, width and height; flat head design significantly improves the availability of vehicle space and achieves the desired effect of “minimized external dimension and maximized inner space”.

Body advantages. The light-weighted car body gives effective consideration to car safety and greatly improves the automobile performance and fuel economy. 5,420 mm ultra-long car body can accommodate up to 14 seats, spacious and comfortable.

Ergonomics. It highlights the people-oriented design philosophy and fully applies ergonomics to analysis, which greatly improves the driving comfort and operation convenience.

Space breakthroughs. New-concept business trip car with super-large space brings you a new driving experience; the overall dimensions – length, width and height are optimal and set a new benchmark for light car industry.

Interiors. The design greatly improves the car comfort and provides a strong sense of technology, allowing a freewheeling drive.

Dynamic performance. Different types of efficient power trains cover 3TZ & 4RB2 gasoline engines, DK4B diesel engines and alternative fuel and all-electric vehicles, realizing high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. The engine uses timing chain, and different from the previous leather, it is more durable.

Electronic control system. The electronic control system takes M7.8 engine module (ECU) of UAES a score, which can meet relevant technical requirements of Euro III and Euro IV emission regulations, and also reserves related functions of on-board diagnostics system(EOBD).

Safety configuration. EBD electronic brake distribution system makes the brake more stable and safer. Other safety configurations like brake assister, high-mount stop lamp, electronic immobilizer, etc. are available as well.

Firm car body. The CAE cage-type car body is used, which is firm and shock resistant and greatly improves the safety of car body. At the same time, it coordinates with the brake pedal and steering axle to minimize the invasion to slower and enhance the protection of drivers during the emergencies.